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Road and Track drive our 2018 DINAN S1 BMW M550i xDrive

Posted by Dinan UK on 14th Nov 2018

Road and Track drive our 2018 DINAN S1 BMW M550i xDrive

The legendary Matt Farah drove our 2018 DINAN S1 M550i xDrive recently, here is a little of what he had to say.

"Fortunately, as far as value goes, it gets better. DINAN’s S1 power kit, which features an ECU tune, black-coated stainless steel exhaust with “Quad-Fours,” four, 4” exhaust tips, and a mid-pipe goes for $5,649 and returns an estimated 606 horsepower and 635 lb/ft at the crankshaft, gains of 150 HP and 155 lb.ft over the stock 4.4L TTV8. Now we’re talking. If you already own, or plan to own a 550i, this is where it’s at. DINAN won’t say it, but we’d guess the $2,600 Performance Tuner on its own is responsible for most of those gains, and is an even better value on its own, without the exhaust and mid-pipe."

Take a look at the full review here >>

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