Jalopnik reviews Dinan tuned M3 Coupe

Posted by Dinan UK on 14th Nov 2018

Jalopnik reviews Dinan tuned M3 Coupe

Our friends over at Jalopnik have done a really nice write up on a 2003 E46 M3 that has the Dinan touch.

"Founded all the way back in 1979, Dinan has long offered parts and tuning for a number of marques. It is however, perhaps best known for its work massaging various BMWs. The company markets their parts in different levels, or stages, with each progressively higher number indicating a higher level of tune and, as you might expect, of cost.

The seller of this E46 says it carries Dinan’s Stage 5 tune which is included in what is claimed to be over $25K in aftermarket add-ons. The Dinan bits here include a cold air intake, high-flow throttle bodies and air mass sensor upstream, fatter exhaust downriver, and the Dinan Stage 5 ECU remapping to take full advantage of those embiggened breathing bits."

Check out the full review over here >> https://bit.ly/2K2jTDn