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Why Dinan?

At Dinan our passion for BMWs is evident in our dedication to designing and producing the most innovative and performance driven BMW products on the market. Serious enthusiasts turn to us because they appreciate our ability to make BMW performance upgrades that outperform the rest of the BMW aftermarket industry. When customers want performance they turn to Dinan first: if there is a specific BMW upgrade that you have in mind, chances are we can do it.

With 35 years of experience working with BMWs, our engineers are trained to find ways of getting the best out of each BMW that comes into the market. We operate with the understanding that BMW owners view their cars as more than just cars. BMW has a long, rich history that perpetuates a sense of passion into each vehicle owner, perhaps more than any other type or brand of car. At Dinan, we understand this passion and use it to offer comprehensive and unique BMW performance upgrades to BMW owners.

We offer these upgrades by creating top of the line BMW solutions, with massive amounts of R&D behind everything we build. Dinan’s BMW products aren’t merely just parts; they are portals that allow them to take a BMW from good, to great. All the products from Dinan come to our customers with the best warranty in the BMW aftermarket business.

This allows BMW owners to have confidence in Dinan upgrades: they proudly stand behind their work and their warranty guarantees that you’ll be happy.

Need help? We're available at0161 537 5999 - Email us at[email protected]
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